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Welcome to KLF!

The Norwegian Cosmetics Association (KLF) was founded in 1945.

The main activity of the association is to serve the member companies in areas of common interest, such as regulatory developments both within Norway and EU, legislative matters, contact with the competent authorities, sales statistics and a wide range of advice on topics of current interest.

KLF represents 26 suppliers who are mainly importers. There is little domestic production in Norway of cosmetic products. KLF is active member of Cosmetics Europe which promotes and defends the interests of the European cosmetic industry.

KLF has a staff of three people, lead by Finn Rasmussen (Managing Director).

KLF member list - press here.

Overview of the Norwegian Cosmetic Market 2007-2012 - press here.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on post@klf.no